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People who spend a lot of time working with colors, such as artists and designers, have been found to have a greater capacity to differentiate shades and tones.


Seeing color in unique ways

Monet used to paint the same things over and over again. Waterlilies, for example. To keep up with the changing light conditions at different times of day, he would work on several canvases at the same time. He would switch from one to the other as the day progressed.

Good art is always inspirational, but what we can harvest from an artist’s palette is rewarding, too. When we look at a painting, we benefit from the artist’s hours of looking, testing, and perfecting the way the colors work together.


Color associations

The current trend in color analysis is to look at the meanings associated with certain colors. We use a mix of traditional color associations and marketing research and are influenced by the ways our brain sees color. Color can be used to create mood, tone and emotional impact. It’s easy to think of it as the only way to see colors.

While association theories of color are influential, they don’t leave a lot of room for individual preferences.


Different palettes

Are you trying to decide on what colors a gift should be? Or you may be thinking about the colors you will choose for your home. It’s important to consider the simple beauty and combined effect of different palettes.

I suggest refraining from focusing on color theory.  Allow yourself to be guided by the color sensitivity of great artists! By “extracting” the palette from a much-loved piece of artwork, you can be sure to find colors that will work well together, but that also move you.


Finding the right colors

My award-winning Color911 app for iPhone and iPad can help you identify key shades and tones in a painting. It will make it easy for you to benefit from all that time the artist spent looking. The Color911 app will help you match your home to your favorite artwork!

And if you’re looking for gift inspiration, look at the artwork in someone’s home. You can benefit from paying attention to the styles that appeal to them – modern, impressionist, etc. The color connections between the items with which they’ve chosen to surround themselves may surprise you when you look more closely.





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