The Best Bedroom Colors for a Good Nights Sleep!

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Your bedroom is the place you can relax and let your guard down. It’s a place to get lost in your thoughts, and be yourself. The colors of your room can help create the mood that lets you wind down and relax. You can create that personal space, that perfect bedroom, if the colors are just right!

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat, where you can go to escape the pressures and stresses day-to-day life. The bedroom is your one and only quiet place where you can completely let go. Creating an atmosphere that is cozy and comfortable is the way to go!

Choosing a color scheme for your bedroom

Your bedroom is a place for you to relax, so it is important that you choose the color scheme that you find personally right for you. This is your most important space! Consider what kind of color scheme you are drawn to. In designing this space, it is not about choosing colors that are happy or exciting, it is about finding the color or colors that you find soothing.

You may find a darker, bolder colored room comforting and cozy. Saturated browns and earthy colors will pull you and create a cozy vibe. Maybe you would prefer a light airy space in which to relax, in which case it would be wise to consider peaceful blues and restful greens. Delicate pinks and colors in the blush family can have the same peaceful quality to them. In both cases the softer the color the more soothing the room will be.

Creating a restful space

You need to keep this space clean and tidy so that you may feel relaxed. Use rugs, throws, and pillows in a variety of tones to add depth. I always think putting a room together in various shades of the same color adds visual interest. Using a single color family also shares a sense of simplicity about it. This should not be a room where there are so many things to put away or organize. This is a room where less is more. Refrain from cluttering up your bedroom. Keep your design elements and your colors simple and clean.

If you choose to, you can add accessories in contrasting tones to add interest. This will also add texture and add a personal style to your bedroom. It’s these little touches that really make a house a home and can turn your plain old room into your blissful sanctuary.

Are neutrals the way to go?

What is appealing about the neutral palette is the delicate touch of a whispery soft gray or a delicate wheat tone. The softer neutrals allow the room to be surprisingly quiet and it gives you the ability to add an accent color here or there. My suggestion is that the softer the accent, the softer feeling the room.

If you go with a palette of neutrals, then using crisp white linens is a crowd pleaser every time. The white linens give a sense of purity and elegance, both great qualities for a master bedroom.

Grey, is a perfect accent color to white. Blues or greens are also a stylish choice.

What if I am unsure about choosing a singular color scheme?

If you are unsure about adding a color, I suggest starting with a creamy white for the walls and ceiling. It’s a versatile solution, especially if you are drawn to adding window treatments, pillows and accessories to add color. These have the advantage of being easy to change, which gives you some flexibility. It also makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest color trends. Using white walls and adding accessories, makes it easy to rotate various colors and accessories at different times of year.

Experiment with different colors, or several shades of the same color. I also suggest you consider your linens as one of the colors in your room. My Color911 App can help you choose the right tones that work together! Try them on a screen before you commit to transforming your living environment. The app comes with over 100 premade color themes. Scroll through the themes to see what you find soothing. It’s the perfect place to go for color inspiration.

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where you begin every day, and close your eyes when the day is done. If you are at all unsure of a color, try something else. Of all the rooms in your home choosing the right colors for your bedroom is worth the time and effort to get it right!


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