Color Will Keep Your Guests From Leaving the Dinner Table!

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Dinnertime can be the most festive time of any holiday. Inviting people to share a dinner at your home is a personal and heartfelt invitation! Some people are traditionalists, asking guests to come for a meal, expecting to retreat into the lounge or living room. Enjoying an evening at the dinner table can be a wonderful experience. Click To Tweet   If you separate after

Entertaining? Use Color to Make Your Experience Better Than Ever Before!

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The colors you use can definitely make your home more inviting and more fun to be in. Although you will not repaint to accommodate every quest, it’s great to see how the colors you choose can influence your entertaining experience! Let your front door welcome them inside: The first place a person sees when they come to your home is your front entrance. It is

Giving the Gift of Color; It’s a Win-Win Every Time!

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Gift giving can be a tricky business. When you give something that isn’t a good match for the recipient, it can be embarrassing for giver and recipient alike.   Getting the color of your present right can be a great help. Whether or not you follow color trends when giving gifts will depend on two things: the person and the time of year.   Certain