Use Color to Create an Inspiring Home Office!

Color911 home office Amy Wax

One of the reasons that I find color so fascinating is that it affects people every day of their lives. Where you live or your home office is not only a reflection of your personality, but it can influence your moods and your thoughts. This is all about making your home office a place your want to spend time in, all day long! Certain colors tend

Pantone: Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017

Color911 Pantone Amy Wax

Color forecasts come fast and furious from the fall through the Spring as people are open to new directions and new trends. Looking at colors for many forms of design from fashion to home décor, The Pantone Color Institute releases what it sees as popular colors for every season. This year was a surprising mix of bolder colors and quieter hues.   The brightest and most

Healthy Choices for Nursery Colors!

Color911 Nursery Baby Bedroom Amy Wax

Color can have a big impact on our lives from our earliest days in the nursery! It’s worth taking the time to think about how the colors we choose will effect our loved ones, whether they are old enough to realize it, or not. It’s particularly important for those who are experiencing a range of colors for the very first time.   When thinking about