Colors That Pull On Our Emotions and Why We Fall For It!

Color911 Burgundy emotions color Amy Wax

The color you like the most can play games with your emotions! It can be like a feedback loop, creating desires as well as feeding them.   Colors we love could be the color we wear most often, or the family of colors with which we decorate your home. We are drawn to colors as if we have an emotional attachment to them.   Your

Now’s the Best Time to Make a Change!

Color911 Calendar blues New Year Amy Wax change

Change isn’t always easy, but all year long we talk about what we will do in the future. I would love to change the colors of my bedroom; I want to give myself a whole new look. Have you talked about the changes you would like to make in your life? Well now is the time to make it happen!   Make the right choices

Ultra Violet; A Color That Points to the Future

Color911 - Ultraviolet Pantone Ultra Violet Amy Wax

To call any hue the color of the future, is a heavy responsibility to bestow. That’s exactly what happened when Pantone chose Ultra Violet to be the color of the year.   Pantone’s announcement usually comes shortly after other major paint and color companies have taken the plunge. Occasionally their colors are a surprise, but either way they are copied everywhere in record time.