Find Exciting Color Inspiration from Nature!

Color911 Nature

Nature offers an incredibly diverse world of colors, shades, textures and patterns! Opening ourselves up to what surrounds us, takes honest effort. It is not as easy as simply looking around, it is much more complex that that, and a whole lot more fun! If you take the time to find the color inspiration from nature, you can apply your found inspiration and take any

Exotic Design; More Appealing Than Ever!

Color911 Exotic Design

Exotic design is becoming more and more popular. What I am seeing is a wider variety of bold colors, unusual textures and materials such as beads in all forms of design. I am inspired by what I have seen in the stores, seeing a wide variety of decorative elements every day. I’m seeing more and more creative and colorful designs.   Beads look great in fashion

Winter Colors We Love All Year Long!

Color911 winter colors

Winter like so many seasons has its own palette of colors for many areas of the country. The beauty of the winter color palette is that it can truly last all year! Lets look at the qualities of the wintry colors and why these hues remain so popular! Winter colors are appealing on so many levels! Click To Tweet Easy Going The softer blue grays