The Magic Behind the Right Color Rose!

Color911 - rose

Valentines Day is around the corner. People are already making plans on celebrating with their loved ones. Color plays a very big role in this holiday and every color rose tells a whole different story! Each rose has a tradition behind it, and every color tells a story! Click To Tweet It is remarkable how different the meaning is for each color rose. They can

The Gray Obsession is Here to Stay!

Color911 Gray grey obsession

  Gray is a popular color trend that is here to stay. Many people think of it as so “last year”. The truth is that there are several reasons why our national obsession with this smokey color, is here for many years to come!   Why is there still a gray obsession? Click To Tweet   Gray, it’s as safe as they come! Gray is

Inspiring Colors of the Year 2017 – Part 2

Color911 Color of the Year Part 2

At the start of every calendar year, we revisit the Color of the Year choices. Companies as well as designers are eager to start using the popular hues in their line of products. If gives them the appearance of being on the cutting edge of the design world. Design professionals everywhere are in a feverish pitch incorporating the Color of the Year selections into their work.