Wild Inspiration from the ICFF Design Show!

Color911 natural ICFF Amy Wax

I enjoy going to design trade shows because it is a chance to experience creative talent at the highest level. At this years ICFF show in New York City, the influence of natural design elements were everywhere! One of the first things that I found remarkable about this show was the consistency among what inspired each of the exhibits. Shows on this scale have hundreds

How True Inspiration Will Improve Your Health!

Color911 Amy Wax Inspiration Purple Flower Bee Green Grass

Inspiration is something we all experience at one time or another. It can come from something we see that is exciting or a story that sets our imagination on fire. Inspiration could also be something that awakens your senses. It can be a visual, a smell, or a taste that can excite your creative side.   What is fascinating about inspiration is that the simplest little thing

The Inside Scoop on the Best Colors for Spring!

Color911 Amy Wax Spring Poppy Earthy Flower Colors

With the beginning of Spring, comes new color palettes for everything from fashion to home décor. Many people tend to fall back on the colors they have used year after year. I’m here to tell you about colors you may not have tried before, which might be the very best colors you’ve ever tried! Fashion. Changing from winter colors to a Spring palette is often