How Color Will Change Your Summer Memories!

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Summer is an intense time of year for almost everyone. Many of us will have an experience or summer vacation that will become a life long memory! Along with every experience is the visual memory; that’s where the colors are so important! Click To Tweet When you talk about your vacation or time away, it is not a guarantee that everyone will remember it the

Why Men Wear Pastel Colors To Make a Bold Statement!

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Pastel shades have long been popular among females. After being big in the 80s, pastels have been much less popular among men. As with all trends, softer colors have come full circle. The last few years have seen these colors become increasingly popular. Pastel fashion trends Pastel colors are set to dominate in the summer and into the fall of 2017 according to fashion experts.

Healthy Paints, What You Need to Know!

Color911 Healthy Paint Cans Amy Wax

Painting a room or furniture with a new color is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a home. Some of you have expressed concerns about using paint, following reports that the painting process can pose a risk to your health. Here’s my advice on which paints are safest to use. Let me run you through the various issues and options.  Why does paint smell?   The strong smell we associate with paint