Why Everyone Loves At Least One Shade of Pink!

Color911 pink scarves Amy Wax

Pink is a color that can be warm or cool, traditional or exotic. Once considered as simply the lighter version of the red, there are many colors that are in this family of colors. Pink can range from a powdery soft rose to a hot fuchsia. On the earthier side are exotic corals and cinnamon browns all in the same rosy family. There is a

Choosing a Painter; 5 Tips to Making The Best Choice!

Color911 Blueprint paint colors Amy Wax

Choosing a painter can be a real challenge. The right painter can make your home look spectacular, a bad painter can be a complete disaster. Before hiring any painter, I always suggest looking for a referral that you trust. Take the time to speak with friends, family, even your local paint store. While online reviews can be helpful, they can also be misleading, or even

Inspiration from the Pros is as Good as It Gets!

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Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. You can be unexpectedly inspired by something that captures your senses. An image, a piece of fine art, even a resemblance, anything can be inspiring. What is most noteworthy and worth exploring, is the how do you find what inspires YOU! Also, what purpose does the inspiration serve?   Find inspiration to bring out the artist in you.