Going on Vacation? Don’t Go Without Packing These Colors!

Color911 Amy Wax Vacation Color

 It’s time to plan for your vacation! Choosing what colors you’ll be wearing is one of the important things to consider! Studies have shown that colors can have a great impact on our mood and mental wellbeing.   Given the expense of vacations, make sure everything goes smoothly. Tend to every detail, so that any mistakes don’t cast a shadow over the entire vacation! By

Should Artwork Match Your Walls? Here’s the Answer!

Color911 watercolor painting artwork Amy Wax

 When decorating a home with artwork, a lot of people choose pieces that exactly match the color palette of their home. There are many theories on this topic, and people come to this with very strong opinions! Understandably, if they have recently finished a refurbishment project – either on a new home, or doing up an old one – then they will have spent a

Use the Right Finish or Your Paint Won’t Last!

Color911 Paint Cans Amy Wax

Choosing the right paint to use for any project is of utmost importance!   Would you like an understated look for your home? Perhaps you would like colors that are bold and colorful. When you are choosing paint colors, make sure you are choosing the right paint. While you are choosing the right colors, you need to choose the right paint finish for your design