How To Be Tickled Pink With Your Color Choices!

Pink is the name of a color that can be a variety of hues and intensities. As a lighter version of the rich passionate red, pink can range from a powdery soft pink to a hot pink to an earthier coral, to the traditional baby pink.   Because there is such of range of colors that can be called “pink”, it is the perfect example

Why These Colors Represent The Qualities Of The Human Spirit!

With every holiday there is meaning and symbolism. Some holidays are about important events in our lives, other holidays we think of what we traditionally do on that day. Whatever it is, there are many times when the holiday is well represented by it’s unique colors.     There are many holidays that can be easily identified by their colors: Orange & Back – Halloween,

Time To Get Your Apps in Gear!

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: I don’t use apps or I don’t need to use apps. Are you checking the time or email on your phone? Checking the weather or traffic? Then you are already using apps and are already relying on them.