It’s Time To Take Charge Of Your Colors!

Everything we see, every decision we make, and everything we experience in the course of each day, is affected by color.   Color influences you in ways that you are not even aware of. You are also influencing others, as your color choices are a reflection of who you are!

What I Love Most About Pinterest!

Pinterest is a brilliant way of collecting images that you love about any topic. You can choose images of items you want to wear, to cook, to sew, to purchase, or boards of quotes you enjoy.  You can find ideas on unique ways of doing things.. painting ideas, lighting styles, and DIY ideas you would have never thought of. Some boards are simply images of

Bathroom Design – What You Need To Know To Get It Right!

Decorating your bathroom is an opportunity to pamper yourself! It also can be one of the most rewarding design challenges. The bathroom is not a room where the colors of the furniture, window treatments or rugs make a difference; it is the colors of the room itself that matter! The colors you choose are quite simply the most important feature in your design.