10 Ideas to Improve Your Holiday Experience

When the holidays come our homes transform to wonderlands of color and sparkle like no other time of the year. It can be a fun time to pull out the decorations from years past, and enjoy family traditions. Here are some easy ways to improve this year’s holiday experience.

What Colors Do I Want To Wear?

It can be fun putting together an outfit to wear, but there are many decisions to be made. First of all what is appropriate for where you are going, will you be in a cool or warm place, is it formal or casual, and the list goes. I always start in a different direction, “what kind of statement do I want to make with what

COLOR911 Featured on a History Channel Program!

This week a great thing happened that I want to share with you. I received a call from someone who had seen some news about the Color911 app. He was curious about it so he downloaded it, tried it out and now he loves it… but there is more to it.