The Hottest Trends in Interior Design for 2014!

With every season comes new trends, a new look and new colors. It gives us the opportunity to start fresh, see our world with a new and improved sense of style!   This Spring the design trends seem to be really stretching the limits! I have read and searched and googled.. all to clarify what I see as the trends coming our way in the

How an App Can Be Man’s Best Friend!

Ever look at your clothes and feel bewildered, what do I wear? What colors go with what?   Having help to make those wardrobe decisions is priceless! First things first, open the app, create a palette and give it a name. That way you can save any colors to a palette for future use. To help you with colors for your wardrobe Color911 can guide

5 Good Reasons To Wear “Winter Whites” !

Although many feel that wearing white after Labor Day is not in good taste.. I say if you are notwearing white after Labor Day, you are missing out!   In the first place, lets look at what “white” means. The meaning of the color white is one of freshness. It relays the feeling of cleanliness, purity and also of honesty. All of these are positive