The Best Bedroom Colors for a Good Nights Sleep!

Color911 bedroom color Amy Wax

Your bedroom is the place you can relax and let your guard down. It’s a place to get lost in your thoughts, and be yourself. The colors of your room can help create the mood that lets you wind down and relax. You can create that personal space, that perfect bedroom, if the colors are just right! Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat, where

Must-Have Colors for a Summer Barbecue!

Color911 Summer barbecue colors Amy Wax

A summer or fall barbecue is the perfect time to make a splash color wise! It’s the great time to entertain, and you have the chance to use colors you may not usually use at a more formal get together, so make the most of it! A barbecue is likely to be an informal gathering of friends and / or family and a few simple

How Color Will Change Your Summer Memories!

Color911 Summer beach colors Amy Wax

Summer is an intense time of year for almost everyone. Many of us will have an experience or summer vacation that will become a life long memory! Along with every experience is the visual memory; that’s where the colors are so important! Click To Tweet When you talk about your vacation or time away, it is not a guarantee that everyone will remember it the