Color Coordinated For Sure!

Ever find the perfect sweater or skirt and had trouble matching it? I couldn’t help but notice that in the stores these days the colors and patterns are really wild. Brilliant colors and large floral patterns have become the norm. Look at any Anthropology, J.Crew or Urban Outfitters and the colors are so bold they are captivating, but trying to match them when you leave

The Thrill of Sharing Color911 at High Point Market!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of traveling to North Carolina to attend a remarkable event.   High Point Market, which takes place in High Point North Carolina, is the largest trade show for the furniture industry in the world. For the designer it is an opportunity to see what the newest trends are in the world of furniture. I enjoyed seeing what styles,

School Colors – Colors to inspire and create a sense of community

The right colors in a school can be inspiring and can create the feeling of community identity. Younger children are more drawn to brighter colors as in yellows and reds. If the colors are too bright the stimulation from those colors can be energizing and not conducive to learning. There needs to be a balance to the colors that are applied.