Bolder Colors; How To Use Them With Confidence!

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Color trends are become bolder than ever and it takes guts to use more saturated colors in your home. Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind so that you can go ahead and take the leap, add bolder colors into your life and love doing it! Here how to get started.

Why we area loving bolder colors.

When you walk into a room or wear something in a bolder color, you are aware of it instantly! The color catches your attention, and seems to hold you in place. Richer colors in your home bring the walls in as if they are wrapping themselves around you. The feeling of warmth, that sense of being close to you, is what makes them feel so good!

This wont be scary, I promise!

I have recommended darker colors for clients that want a cozier space. If you want a room to have a more intimate feel, choosing the bolder color can be the right way to go. Are you painting for the first time? Bolder colors can be a little scary unless you know how to use them. If they are done well, you will fall in love with your new look!

Start small.

First of all, with any new approach to color, I suggest starting small. The reason this is helpful, is because then it is only a modest commitment. You can take a bold step in a small space, without it feeling like the bolder color has taken over your world.

Initially, I suggest starting small by painting a smaller size space. The smaller room can be a bathroom, a hallway or even a small office. You will add the bolder color and as a result, you will immediately feel how cozy that space is. It can change the feel of the room as soon as the paint is up and furniture is moved in. A room can instantly feel like the color is focusing your attention on the purpose of the room. Are you in a home office, you will be focused on the illuminated desk top. Are you in a hallway, the open doorways will bring your attention to the open spaces that draw you in. Lastly, if you are in the bathroom, the areas that are will lit, will draw your attention comfortably.



Contrast is your new best friend.

Contrasting colors in your design, can be what makes your choice of colors successful. If you have a contrasting light color trim, it will draw attention to the moldings like never before. Once the architectural details are more pronounced, as they become the eye candy of the room.

In a room with dark colored walls the ceiling is also more important than ever. When you are using more saturated colors on the wall, the brighter ceiling will stand out and be noticed. If you have decorative ceiling molding and you want it to stand out, using the bolder wall color is the way to make that happen.

Furthermore, will you be decorating with soft furnishings? Be aware of your contrasting design elements. If they are pillows, table linens or bed linens or even metallic accents, they will stand out. The lighter your decorative elements the more they will shine. The darker wall behind it becomes the perfect backdrop. Suddenly you will find your decorative pieces being noticed against the contrasting walls of the room.


Bolder colors are the next hot trend!

Trends change from year to year. It is rare that we see people all standing in line behind one concept, one idea, one design trend! This year, I have noticed the desire to go bold with color across the board. Benjamin Moore came out with it’s new line of Century paints, in more saturated colors. Farrow and Ball fold out display of their colors, is showing some beautifully rich colors this year. Sherwin Williams is showing rooms in it’s advertising of rooms painted with the walls, trim and decorative moldings all in the same intense colors. Kitchen cabinetry is also being show in contrasting colors such as royal blues, deep plum colors and even dark reds. It seems to be everywhere.

I will post another blog post on the Color of the Year selections, and I hope you come back for that. It is always fascinating comparing the different companies choices and what made them chose the colors they did!


My experience with bolder colors

The photo above is of a home I selected colors for, this photo is from a clients dining room. I chose a rich color in the brown family. I love how the lights sparked against this bold color and the deep woods were as elegant as they could possibly be. Some rooms lend themselves to cozier colors, and the dining room is one of those places. It helps when the decorative pieces are glass or metal, because the reflected lights really sparkle against the darker walls in the room.


I wrote this post a few days ago and planned on posting it tonight. To my surprise the article came out in the New York Times today, sharing how the bolder colors are more popular than ever! I have shared the article below.


New York Times article: Scared of Dark Paint? Don’t be


Are you afraid to try the colors? Don’t be. Take a look at the pre-made color themes in the Color911 app to see how to use the bolder colors. You can start with almost any color, or a color you have in mind. Otherwise you can scroll through the themes to see what colors inspire you. You can also see in the color themes, what colors compliment each other. It is both a great visual tool and design tool to plan the colors you will use in your design.


I hope you will take the leap and try a bolder paint color in your home. It can be very rewarding, and truly exciting! Take the plunge; try the darker colors in your home. The bolder choices are available in more color families than ever. I hope you’re inspired!









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