Colors That Pull On Our Emotions and Why We Fall For It!

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The color you like the most can play games with your emotions! It can be like a feedback loop, creating desires as well as feeding them.


Colors we love could be the color we wear most often, or the family of colors with which we decorate your home. We are drawn to colors as if we have an emotional attachment to them.


Your attraction to a color is not just a whim. We are drawn to colors that create a sense of balance, and somehow our body knows just what we need. If we look at laws of physics, we learn that we are attracted to what our body needs, and that applies to color as well. Lets explore the different theories on why we choose the colors we do.

What colors do you need in your life?


There are colors that can physically affect us. It is possible that we are attracted to colors that make us happy, make us feel good. Here is an example. Do you find pleasure in animated colors: bright reds, energetic yellows or lime greens? Being around the brighter colors may be stimulating. You might be drawn to a color that makes you feel energized or inspired.


On the other end of the spectrum, are you attracted to soothing colors? You might feel more at ease surrounded by restful blues, muted teals or greens. Perhaps your body is telling you that those colors are giving you a calmer feeling, balancing out the feeling your body has, and what your body needs.


Why are we drawn to the same colors?


Clearly, we have an emotional reaction to color. If we love a shade of purple, we might wear it, decorate with it, and even choose food in the same color family. We find that color emotionally satisfying. Because of that, we are repeatedly drawn to it.


Psychology Today says: Color preferences are deeply rooted emotional responses that seem to lack any rational basis, yet the powerful influence of color rules our choices in everything from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the cars we buy.


It is fascinating that as the article elaborates on our attraction to color, it gives the example that people will pay thousands of dollars more for a vehicle that is a color that they approve of. Everything about the car is the same on the inside, the only difference is the color of the outside.


The final word:


Ultimately from my research I believe we are drawn to colors that produce a positive feedback to us. At some time in our lives we had an experience that made us feel good about a color.

Furthermore, that experience has become a part of us, we will continue to be drawn to the same colors over time. We are pulled in to using the same colors and can’t turn our emotions away.



Lets say we like the way we look surrounded by the color blue. We are more likely to include blue in every area of our life. We might wear blue, decorate our homes in blue, or even buy cars in the color blue. It is also common to be drawn to colors we grew up in, without realizing it. It’s impossible to know exactly where your love of a color originally came from.


Explore your favorite color!


Every color comes in a variety of densities from light to dark, and strengths from more saturated to less saturated. If you are drawn to a color and find yourself using it repeatedly, try a lighter, darker or even bolder version of the color you love.


Colors and Emotions:


Consequently, if your favorite color is red, for example, you might want to use a darker burgundy in the bedroom. You can also incorporate creams, chocolate browns and other neutral colors to compliment your choice of red. It might allow you to use red in a whole new way, and give your design that will pull on your heartstrings!



Finally, it’s time to open your eyes to the colors you use over and over again. Look at your favorite color in a whole new way. Try different versions, and experiment to see what colors pull on your emotions, that you use over and over again. Try the Color911 app to help you create your own palettes and explore pre-made color themes to see a wide variety of ways to use your favorite color. In the end I suggest loving your favorite color, while you welcome in different versions in the same color family. I hope you’re inspired!




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