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Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. There is lots of planning involved including adding your own paint colors, where to put your furniture and how you might remodel down the road.

Here are some tips on how you can use color to make your new house your own. Lets start by maximizing your living experience by enhancing the rooms that are most important to you.


The Entrance Hall

The first room you walk into, is what makes the first impression in your home. What I recommend is finding a way to see your favorite color when you enter your home. Do you want it be subtle and understated, warm and inviting or playful and fun? The colors you use in your entrance hall are of utmost importance and will set the stage the instant you walk in the door.

The Kitchen

Many people think that the best colors for a kitchen are colors that are naturally found in food. Fresh greens, warm reds, or even neutral colors are great choices for the kitchen. It is best to avoid colors that are heavy and dark. Remember that the kitchen is a room where you can spend a lot of time. Choose colors that you will not become tired of; this room is the core of your home.


The Bedroom

The most personal room in the house, this is where you can be yourself. It’s very important, therefore, that you choose a color palette that matches your personality and your needs.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and cozy ambiance, choose colors that are quiet and soothing. Here is where the language of color can come in handy. Earthy colors such as cream, a taupe or brown, denote coziness. For a soothing palette include quieter colors like grays, blues and greens.

The blush family of colors can also help you achieve this softer mood. Here, we’re talking about delicate pinks and other soft light neutral colors.


The Bathroom

When choosing the color of a bathroom, you can fall back to one simple rule. I suggest you pick one base color and pair it with an accent color. The base color like white, can be the color of your tile or fixtures. Alongside the base color is a contrasting accent color, like a teal blue, warm gold or charcoal blue-gray. Of all of the rooms in your home, choosing colors for the bathroom can be simple, if the colors are just right!


If you want to make it more interesting, you can add patterns. Geometric patterns, flowers or stripes, will give your bathroom more personality. Without furniture to decorate with, colorful patterns can be a way of adding pizazz to the smallest room in your home.


Before you start adding color, I suggest creating a color palette using the Color911 app, and using it as your guide. It’s an easy way to get a visual before any paint touches the wall. Once you have your colors selected, shopping, decorating and matching colors is a much easier process. Your home should have colors that flow from one room to the next; working with a color palette will make decorating a whole lot more fun!


Let’s make that house a home, use color to create rooms in your new home that you love. Choose colors you love in the right rooms, and your house becomes a home. I hope you’re inspired!


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