Dos and Don’ts to Choosing Perfect Makeup Colors!

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Color is a versatile tool for your everyday life. It can help you set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement.

When wearing color as make-up, there are certain rules one must observe for the best effects. Particular colors can accentuate your natural skin tone, while others will tone it down. The best way to work with eyeliners can change depending on the color of your eyes.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts concerning your skin tone, your eyeshadow, and your lips.


Cool or Warm Skin Tones

Cool skin tone – this skin type is pinkish, sensitive to sunlight. With a cool undertone, red lipstick is the way to go. The best shades are warm colors, like pinks and apricots. Beige and golden beige can help brighten your complexion.

Warm skin tone – this is a skin type with a yellowish/golden olive undertone, less sensitive to sunlight, tending to tan with ease. It has a warm undertone. Red lipstick will brighten up this type. A very versatile skin tone, it can handle a wide range of colors including bronze, gold, and bright pinks. A bright palette of colors can really brighten up this darker skin tone.


Eye Shadow

Using eye shadow effectively involves carefully selecting your palette, depending on your eye coloring. Blue-eyed ladies should really go for orange, brown or gold. These colors are a wonderful compliment to blue and will make your eye color stand out.

Green-eyed ladies should go for mauve in its different varieties. Whether purple pinks or plums, a good tip is to highlight your green eyes by applying a little dark green eyeliner.

Here’s a warning for people with blue or green eyes. Avoid blue eye shadow. All it will do is reduce the intensity of your gaze, and minimize the beautiful blue in your eyes.

Brown-eyed ladies, in all their varying shades, your eye coloring goes with pretty much everything. Whether its golden brown or white all available shades will bring out your beautiful eyes. Also a good tip is to apply some gold-brown or black liner to add more depth to your makeup colors.

Don’t forget to finish off with mascara to add contrast and definition to your eyes.



Full lips – women with full lips can get away with almost any lipstick shade, whether light or dark. If you want to reduce that full lip effect, however, avoid brighter tones. Ideal colors are deep reds, coppers, and pinks.

Thin lips – go for light colors that will help enhance your lips by adding volume. Add a touch of gloss in the middle of the lip to finish the effect. My suggestion is to avoid dark colors which will minimize the natural size of your lips.


Plan your colors

Are you planning your makeup and wardrobe at the same time, try to carry colors from your fashion choices to your makeup so the colors will flow and be complimentary to each other. Wearing rich burgundy, find a lipstick that matches or a brighter lip color to accentuate your lips. My suggestion it to stay in the same color family when choosing colors for your wardrobe alongside your makeup color palette.


Use makeup colors to look gorgeous!

Remember the goal is to use the colors to bring out your best feature whether it is your beautiful blue or brown eyes or naturally full lips. Use your makeup colors to accentuate the part of you that you love the most!


Mixing up your personal palette can be difficult. If you are looking to see what colors go well together, mixing makeup colors alongside what you are wearing, I recommend looking at the premade color palettes within the Color911 app. You’ll find a wealth of inspiration and it will make it easy to find colors that go well together. You can email your color palette to your friends or a professional as the need arises. Above all, experiment and have fun.


There is a world of color options in makeup these days. It is well worth it to try eye shadow, lip colors and eyeliner in a variety of colors to see each color on your skin tone. Take a photo of every product you try and look at them to see what you like best. Try new colors, it gives you the opportunity to have a whole new look! I hope you found this post inspiring, and that you go ahead and have fun with your makeup colors!


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