Entertaining? Use Color to Make Your Experience Better Than Ever Before!

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The colors you use can definitely make your home more inviting and more fun to be in. Although you will not repaint to accommodate every quest, it’s great to see how the colors you choose can influence your entertaining experience!

Let your front door welcome them inside:

The first place a person sees when they come to your home is your front entrance. It is always fun to add holiday wreaths, garland and colorful bows. Take a moment to think of the color of your front door. Your front entrance is the first place to welcome guests into your home. Is your front door a little tired looking? Add a coat of paint before company arrives. It is like adding a smile to the front of your home!

Entertaining families :

Families generally have a lot of needs. Children will require entertainment for long hours of visiting and that can be aided by the colors you bring into your holiday celebration. Colorful toys that have contrasting hues with lots of moving parts can keep the younger set occupied for long periods of time. Having a place for mom and dad to relax will also improve your entertaining experience!

Creative projects:

Entertaining your quests can also be accomplished through colorful art projects. You can find toys or activities that have to do with arranging elements that are by color, size or meaning. Projects can also involve decorating. Creative art projects can please so many people because it brings out the artist in all of us.


Choose the rooms you entertain in:

If you will be entertaining a family with small children, inviting them into your spotless cream, mushroom, and white lounge, not be a relaxing experience for anyone! Be sure to entertain in spaces that you don’t have to worry about. You can ask people to use the rooms that are more specific to their needs. Colorful rooms for your more energetic guests and more relaxing rooms for the quieter quest is a good rule of thumb to remember. Your guest should be able to relax in rooms that are right for them whether they are playing on the floor with toys or relaxing listening to music.


A place to relax:

Are you looking to wind down when you entertain? Are you looking to enjoy a peaceful experience with friends for the evening? If that’s the case, then entertain them in a room with soothing colors. Quiet coastal colors such as softer creams, neutrals colors, blues or even blue-greens, can create a quiet atmosphere. Depending on who you are entertaining, think of the colors in your home before your next dinner party!


You can use color to your advantage. Achieve harmony by making sure that your colors work together. While single colors have strong properties, combinations bring the overall atmosphere together. Note also that different shades of the same color will have different effects. Generally, a soft, warm pallet is calming and welcoming. Cold or extremely bright colors are less so, unless paired with warmer colors.


Think about your guests and empathize with how they might feel walking into your space. Imagine that you are entering your space for the first time. Be objective.


Most importantly, consider the balance of your colors. Creating harmony by matching, blending, and contrasting colors can make your home feel much more inviting than relying heavily on individual colors.

When you feel comfortable in your space, it’s likely that others will too. Use the award-winning Color911 app to find or create the perfect palette for you and your home. There are many pre-made color themes to choose from, it’s great for color inspiration! Choose colors for your home that will create the atmosphere you would like to be invited into. I hope you enjoy your entertaining experience, and that you are inspired to look at the colors of your home with fresh eyes!



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