Why Everyone Loves At Least One Shade of Pink!

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Pink is a color that can be warm or cool, traditional or exotic. Once considered as simply the lighter version of the red, there are many colors that are in this family of colors. Pink can range from a powdery soft rose to a hot fuchsia. On the earthier side are exotic corals and cinnamon browns all in the same rosy family. There is a wide range of colors in this color family, and there’s reason to love them all.

Pink by definition:

This hue by definition on Google is “of a color intermediate between red and white”. Ok that’s technically correct, but there is so much more to know:

Pink as a soothing color:

Muted pinks have a soothing quality. A color that can be soft and easygoing, a pale shade can help someone feel at ease and relaxed. I have personally had dentists and psychiatrists ask for pale muted pinks for the paint color in their offices because they feel it puts their patients at ease. It is also one of the few colors that can be warn by people of almost all complexions, and is universally appealing. Surrounding yourself with this softer shade could be a comforting experience.


Pink as an energizing color:

Hot pink, is full of energy. The very saturated fuchsia or hot pink makes a bold statement however it is used. For a young and energetic design it can be paired with bright greens, purples, yellows or oranges. For a more dramatic look I love it with a bright white and a rich charcoal or black. I personally think it works best when it is paired with a color that is a bit softer to balance it out, a softer medium gray or slate blue can be perfect choices. Choose this brighter shade to make a bold statement and grab people’s attention.


Pink as an earthy color:

Pink as a coral or cinnamon, takes on an earthier feel. Pair this softer earth tone with lighter grays, creams or softer browns. A coral can be so appealing, with a warmer rosier feel. A very popular color this year is the salmon or coral shades that have the warmth of most earth tones with a prettier sense of style.


Millennial Pink:

The hottest color people are talking about this year is millennial pink. It is generally a softer color that is a cross between a traditional rose tone and an earthier coral. Some people have referred to it as blush. The beauty of this color is that it stands beautifully on it’s own. It is simple, striking and elegant!


I was recently featured in an article in Elle Decor where I talked about Millenial Pink, how it can be used and what colors it can be paired with. Looking for color inspiration? Check it out: http://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/color/g9558329/best-pink-paint/


Pink as a youthful color:

Delicate and light, the classic color clearly has a singular identity. This traditional hue is friendly and easygoing. This shade can be paired with many colors, from grays to blues, greens or purples. A pure and fresh color, it is a crowd pleaser for the younger set. As a youthful color it can range from powdery soft to pinkish purples. The softer version of this color can be a great color to wear at any age.


Pink can be a brilliant color choice because it is incredibly versatile. I suggest exploring what feeling you want to have before you choose what shade you will be using. The Color911 app has all of these pinks in one color theme or another. Scroll through the pre-made themes to find the color you love most. Then you can find the colors that compliment it beautifully. With the Color911 app you can use a color theme as your guide or create your own palette for inspiration!


Whatever shade you choose, I suggest you plan your colors carefully. Options range from a delicate rose to energizing fuchsia, earthier coral to millennial pink. It is a color family that gives you as many options as the day is long. Give your color choice the time it needs, and you’ll be ticked pink with the results!








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