Going on Vacation? Don’t Go Without Packing These Colors!

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 It’s time to plan for your vacation! Choosing what colors you’ll be wearing is one of the important things to consider! Studies have shown that colors can have a great impact on our mood and mental wellbeing.


Given the expense of vacations, make sure everything goes smoothly. Tend to every detail, so that any mistakes don’t cast a shadow over the entire vacation! By bringing certain colored clothing items with you, you will not only exude a positive vibe to your traveling party, but you’ll also be perking up your own mood.


Here are five colors that may help you stay focused on having the best vacation you possibly can:


White is a sure bet!


Wherever you are going, white is a great choice to bring along with you. It is clean and bright and will match everything else in your suitcase. It is a color indicating clarity and a carefree attitude. That’s just what you want to feel when you are away from home!


Yellow in your suitcase


Yellow has long been associated with positive mood and energy. It’s the reason why many choose to paint their kitchens or dining rooms yellow.


It’s also the color of the sun. If you’re going to a sunny climate enjoy it by packing plenty of yellow. Of course, if you’re going to a wintry wonderland – you may want to limit yellows to light creamy choices. Even if the brightest yellow is a little out of season, it is a cheerful color and can be worn with almost all the colors you will be packing to bring. Bright and cheery yellow has long been a crown pleaser because of it’s sunny attitude!


Red if you want to stand out in the crowd


Red is the color of love and passion. If you are going on a romantic getaway, then you should definitely consider wearing red.


Both men and women can wear reads beautifully. Some men can wear blush pinks, which has been so popular in the fashion world. Many women love the softer blush. What makes colors in the red family a great choice is that they are complimentary to most complexions. Looking your best while you are on vacation should definitely be a top consideration! Red is also a great color all times of day. I especially love it as an evening color. It can be a fun-loving color or an elegant color choice in the deeper red and burgundy. Wear red if you want to stand out and be noticed!


Orange is on vacation


Orange is simply a fun-loving color choice! It exudes warmth, positivity, and youthful vibes. It’s also unusual in that it looks great day or night, especially against a tan.


Stock up on orange pieces for your suitcase. If you’re worried that it doesn’t suit your complexion, go for pastel oranges for pale skin/blond hair, and brighter pieces for tanned or dark skin and/or dark hair.


Teal is a must!


The color of pool water blue, this brighter blue-green is like wearing blue, but better! A warmer version from a cool color family, teal is a super hot color nowadays in more ways than one. It is one of the few colors that so many people look well in. Pairing it with pinks or even navy blues, is a brilliant choice for your vacation wardrobe!



Staying indoors? Softer cool colors might be the way to go. Depending on what time of year you are traveling, look at your colors as an important part of your vacation experience. When you look your best and wearing colors you love, people will think you’ve been on vacation all year long!


When you are planning your colors, you can create a color palette in the Color911 app, or you can use the color themes to inspire your color choices. See what colors will match by looking at the premade color themes, or create a palette on your own and use it as your guide.


I hope you enjoy your next vacation, and have the time of your life. Looking back at the photos, you’ll see how the colors you are wearing will tell your story, I hope you have a great time!



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