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Color can have a big impact on our lives from our earliest days in the nursery! It’s worth taking the time to think about how the colors we choose will effect our loved ones, whether they are old enough to realize it, or not. It’s particularly important for those who are experiencing a range of colors for the very first time.


When thinking about colors for your nursery, think about how colors affect adults as a starting point. Red, for example, is stimulating and can increase heart rate, whereas blue is soothing and relaxing. Yellow inspires optimism and creativity, although you’ll need to read on to see if yellow is the right choice for your child’s bedroom. Whatever colors you choose, the key is not to over stimulate your child but to create a happy healthy space for their first bedroom!


For many people a pale pink is an obvious color for a girl. What makes pink a good choice is the shade of pink that you choose. The softer pinks are soothing and relaxing. Whether you use the color for your son (as they do in many countries in Europe) or for your daughter, I recommend the softer colors as the healthier choice.


A brighter red embodies passion and excitement but the softer you go, the more soothing the color. The gentler pink represents love and kindness. The more delicate the color pink you choose, the more soothing the room will be.



Red is best used an accent in a nursery and not a primary color in your design. It’s such a powerful color that you want to use this sparingly, especially if you want your baby to sleep.


In adults the brighter the red, the more intense the reaction can be. If you want your baby’s bedroom to be a place of rest, then I would not suggest using a color as saturated as a bright red.



I think of orange as being as warm as yellow, with a bit of playfulness added to it. Orange will add a splash of youthful enthusiasm to any nursery. I suggest using it alongside a quieter color as it can be a bold color statement. A brighter melon is the more popular color at the moment but don’t be afraid to try the softer orange to create a more angelic feel on the room.



This naturally bright and sunny hue inspires liveliness, energy, and optimism. It’s a great color for a kitchen, but use with caution in a nursery. If your yellow is too bright, it might agitate your baby. The lemon-lime brighter yellow, is especially difficult for a younger child to visually absorb. My suggestion is to use a softer creamy yellow, which can be a warm and sunny color choice!


The beauty of decorating with yellow is that it compliments many other colors. Yellow alongside blue or grays can be a great choice for a little boys room that they can grown with and enjoy. Yellow with equally warm oranges can be fun and playful as long as the yellow is not too strong and overpowering.



Green is a classic color in learning environments. It promotes not only relaxation but also calm thinking. It is also known to boost concentration. Green is also a color that is not considered either feminine or masculine. Are you decorating early before the baby has arrived? Green might be the perfect choice for a sweet color that you can add accent colors to later on.


With a color found so ubiquitously in nature, it’s hard to go wrong. Bring green inside for a serene, refreshing, and truly nurturing feel.



With blue for interior decorating, you need to pay particular attention to the shade.

Delicate lighter blues and teals can be calming and healing, which is a great affect for a nursery. I have heard that blues can be a cooling color too, which is good for a baby who becomes warm easily.


If you make your blue too gray, however, your blue can go from a sky blue to an overcast unhappy color. My suggestion is to keep your blues light and friendly like what you would think of as the color of fresh air! I suggest saving the darker royal or navy blues to use in their bedroom once they start to grow up.



Serenity. Purity. Innocence. White is an obvious consideration for a nursery. If you do go with white, use splashes of color to add warmth and interest. This will prevent the room seeming too sterile.


A color that is as angelic as can be, visual stimulation can occupy a resting child’s time. You can decorate your nursery maintaining the same sense of purity, but add accent colors to add visual interest for your baby to enjoy!


Looking to see what colors go well together, to see what goes along with the colors you’ve selected? Check out the premade color themes in the Color911 app such as Baby Doll, Early Riser, Breeze, Celebration, Comfort or Moonshadow (one of my favorites!) There are over a hundred color themes to choose from, but these are great color themes to look at to get you started!


As you use color for your baby’s nursery, observe your baby. See how he or she responds. Your baby might be your biggest critic or your biggest fan. Either way, your little one is the person who counts when it comes to your color choice for the nursery. Choose the colors for your nursery wisely, it is for your baby’s well being as well as your own!




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