Here’s Why a Small Space Demands the Right Colors!

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 With a more urbanized world and less available space, smaller apartments are in. Trying to get the most out of limited space has become a must, but don’t panic – color is here to save the day. These 5 tips are rules you must use when decorating a small space, to get it right!

The classic assumption is that an all white palette will make your room feel like a castle, and that removing some furniture will provide you with the space you crave. Making everything white does not always work, getting rid of furniture is a mistake you don’t want to make !


Choosing the Right Color

When looking to increase the size of a small space, sharp colors are preferable. A small, dark room can become a bright and seemingly large with the application of bright colors. The colors also do not have to cover a large area, a brilliant accent color or splash of color can go a long way !



Use color strategically. Paint part of an accent wall, or a corner of a room for visual interest. You can also chose something like the piece of furniture or a windowsill and paint it in a different color to create an accent. This way, you can create the illusion of depth.

If you happen to have a foyer leading to the room, paint it a slightly darker color than the room. The difference in hues will make the room seem larger by comparison.



Natural light is a valuable tool and can enlarge a small space dramatically. If there is any way to bring in more light, I suggest doing it. This will decrease the shadows and brighten up your room.

Another idea is to bring your light fixture closer to the ceiling; you can create the illusion of a larger open space. Depending on the design of the fixture, it might also reflect off the ceiling creating a brighter room.


Easy visibility

Let the sun in, and unclutter your space in any way you can. It is also a good idea to open the area surrounding your windows. Do not get caught up in covering them up with window treatments unless you need them for privacy.

Placing a mirror where it will reflect the sunlight will increase luminosity.


The Focal Wall

An accent color over a larger wall is a fun way to create a gallery or focal wall. Imagine a royal blue wall with bright artwork or black and photos all over it. The darker wall will disappear and the artwork will create a visual interest. Be creative, find something for your focal wall that you could look at all day long!

While it might seem strange to paint a wall in a darker color than the rest of the room, it can be the perfect backdrop and an opportunity to use a gutsy color in a small space!


Try Stripes

An old, proven method to make you look slimmer, using stripes can work in your living room as well. Painted stripes on a wall keep the eye moving vertically. This can make the room more interesting and the ceiling seem higher.


Before you start remodeling and slapping paint all over the place, experiment with colors. Find out what makes you tick.

Your house is an extension of yourself; so own it with your colors. The Color911 app gives you an easy way to start selecting your favorite colors, with the added advantage of combining those colors to create your personalized palette. It also has more than 100 downloadable color themes. Every theme includes colors that work together. Find a color palette you love and let it be your guide.

Don’t dawdle. Large or small, whether it’s a small room or a tiny home, whatever the size of your home, get to work on your dream spaces today.



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