Holidays are coming; add magic to your guest room decor!

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It’s already mid-November and the holidays are just around the corner! The weather is getting chilly in many parts of the country while fall colors are quickly turning into a beautiful winter color palette. Maybe you’ve even started buying gifts. One item on your busy agenda will inevitably involve making preparations for hosting guests over the holidays.


Does your guest room need a spruce up? Are you stuck on which colors to use? Keep reading for some ideas on how to please yourself and your in-laws, with your decorating skills.

#1. Autumnal Hues


Why not take inspiration from nature! Use a burnt orange, toffee, caramel, copper, rust, and gold as the palette for your dream guest room? All of these colors work well together. You will have fun accessorizing with antique-style mirrors, candle holders, and upcycled bureaus.


Bed linens also lend themselves to a fall theme. You can dress the room up with heavy gold fabrics and luxurious throws. Dress it down with chocolate brown quilt covers and richly textured rugs and cushions.


The overall feeling when your guests enter the room will be one of warmth and comfort – exactly what you want to exude with your guest room.


#2. Holiday Colors


If you and your extended family are huge fans of Christmas or Kwanzaa, why not go all out and use forest green, dark red, and gold as your color palette?


This theme will be especially popular with younger guests who will think that they’ve stumbled into Santa’s grotto! Especially if you accessorize with cute tchotchkes like Santa hats or Snowmen. You could even run some fairy lights around a bureau mirror, add a poinsettia to the corner of the room, or include a miniature Christmas tree.


Decorating for Hanukkah? It’s easy by simply adding royal or navy blues against a crisp white or silver. Adding an accent or two as a reminder of the holiday adds a lot to the décor.


Your guests will love your effort and of course the holiday colors that they’ll see as soon as they enter the room.


#3. Winter Wonderland Theme


Another popular option for the guest room is white with silver accents. Think the wonderland scenes from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


If you already have white walls, a fresh lick of brilliant white paint will breathe new life into your guest room. Then you can accessorize with white sheets, and lots of silver: curtains or blinds, cushion covers and throws, lamps and candleholders, and picture frames.


This is a look that is sure to please even the most discerning of relatives, and also stays relevant throughout the year.


Whatever color theme you decide on, try the color911 app to get the perfect color balance. Create the color palette you will be using, and use it as your guide as your shop for decorative elements for your home. Your guests will be so impressed with your efforts to make them feel welcome, and that’s really the best gift you can give. I hope you’re inspired!





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