The Hottest Fashion Colors for Spring 2018

Color911 Fashion Spring 2018 Amy Wax

The latest fashion trends are showing off a variety of color palettes ranging from the cautious and conservative to gutsy and brave.


I have seen in many publications as well as online design sources, a selection of bold colors and textures including blues, saturated reds, pinks and yellows. There are also a variety of textures from sequins to shimmering metallics. There is also a softer and safer trend using delicate colors such as creams, pinks and sweet purples. The unique softer palette balances beautifully alongside classic colors such as a navy blue or charcoal gray.


Colors on the Runway


The mauve, fuchsia, violet, and dahlia colors of the Pantone palette are showing up in fashion everywhere. According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Challenging the ubiquitous takeover of millennial pink, a new pastel is emerging as the next must-have color. Whether done in ethereal dresses or flashy metallics, lavender proved to be the It color for spring.”


In the last couple years, we saw blush and pink take over everywhere from the fashion world to the world of design! The same fashion insiders indicate that pink is still all over the runways, in shades from light to bright. One of the Pantone predictions is Pink Lavender, a perfect blend of the two.


Elle suggests pairing pink with red for an updated Spring 2018, featuring runway images that do just that. Images from New York Fashion Week show even more saturated color combinations, echoing the bright greens and yellows that are brilliant choices for a Spring palette.


Make the Spring colors work for you!


With a selection of colors and styles available, start working on your spring wardrobe with one color in mind that’s your all time favorite. Choose the color you enjoy wearing most, to anchor your wardrobe for the season. Make sure it’s a color you look and feel great in rather than choosing a color that is trendy. Add your favorite color into your spring wardrobe then build on the classics that will support your color of choice.


Another approach is to start with neutrals or classic colors that give you a versatile base, and add layers of trendy colors to wear with them. The beauty of going in this direction is you can always have the basic colors to fall back on. If you love a pastel wardrobe, you can mix and match as these colors will not overwhelm your classic style.


Remember, bright colors can spice up an outfit using pops of color, while softer pastels are the perfect choice for a more formal style. Choose an attractive neutral or classic foundation, and then you can add as much color as you are comfortable with. Use the right amount of colors, and your brights won’t look clownish, and the pastels will feel grown up.


Use the Color911 app to browse through pre-made color themes for inspiration. Look especially for those featuring a shade from Spring 2018’s most popular looks. I hope you are inspired by the pre-made color themes in the Color911 app. You can rest assured that your outfits will give you the confidence that only a well made wardrobe can offer, and you will look your very best wearing it!







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