How Color Will Change Your Summer Memories!

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Summer is an intense time of year for almost everyone. Many of us will have an experience or summer vacation that will become a life long memory!

When you talk about your vacation or time away, it is not a guarantee that everyone will remember it the same way. According to a study done at John Hopkins University, we are more inclined to remember a color family, than a specific color. For example you might remember the color of the water being blue. You might not remember if the blue was a teal, periwinkle or blue-green. It has less to do with our brain being able to see different colors, and more to do with a simplified way of storing information. (

While you are enjoying your summer vacation, you are subliminally enjoying the colors that surround you. Every one of the colors around you is enriching your experience in several ways.



Let me give you an example. If you are surrounded by grass that has lost it’s color, has turned golden brown. You are also under an overcast colorless sky. Your memory of your experience might be more negative. If you were in the same location and the grass was a vivid green with a brilliant blue sky, it will be memorable as a more positive experience.


We are influenced by colors whether we realize it or not.


Personal Experiences

I had a conversation with a good friend over the last week, and we talked about our summer vacations. Clearly she was more inclined to remember her time at the beach, while I would remember my days in the mountains. We were both spending time in places where the colors contributed to our comfort level. We related to the time and place that was personally so exciting for us.


Relating to color through memories

When we are enjoying a place or event, we often draw on previous experiences. That is especially true if we have memories of positive memories in the same type of environment. If you frequented the beach during the summer, you might feel like you are reliving the fun times of your earlier years. Positive memories of the past when you visited the beach are clearly part of this experience as well.


Our overlapping senses

Color is experienced in so many ways. As cliché as it sounds, our senses often overlap when it comes to sensory perception. If you remember being in a loud place while you noticed an incredibly pink sky, the next time you see the same colorful sky, you might remember the previous experience as being loud and boisterous.


Another example, you might remember a delicious meal on bright orange dishes. The next time you are served something on the same color dishes, just seeing the plates you might think “this is going to be delicious!”


Soak it all in!

Open your eyes to the colors that are contributing to every memorable experience! Although the article mentioned above says that research has reveled that we break our visual memory down to color families, you can do better! Pay attention to the blue-green of the water or pink colors in the sand. Take note of the yellow greens of the fields of tall grasses or the amber glow of the lighting in a restaurant.


Whether you are a beach lover or a person who loves a hike in the woods. Whether you love a good dinner in a restaurant or a picnic on the sands. Take in all the colors around you for the best experience ever! Wishing you lots of fun experiences surrounded by great colors! Soak it all in for the memories of a lifetime!





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