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With the beginning of Spring, comes new color palettes for everything from fashion to home décor. Many people tend to fall back on the colors they have used year after year. I’m here to tell you about colors you may not have tried before, which might be the very best colors you’ve ever tried!


Changing from winter colors to a Spring palette is often a leap from quiet colors to loud colors. If this is what you are doing, you are missing some of the best colors in the spectrum! Here are some examples of colors that sit in this sweet spot between cool weather and warm weather. I can tell you why each of the colors is worth a try!

Home Décor:

Winter whites often transition to lighter blues and yellow of the summer palette. I want to share colors with you that will bring a new vibe into your home. They are generally warmer and will transition beautifully into Spring and beyond. I’ll show you what colors to choose and how to use them!

Graphic Design:

Earthy warm colors tend to be a perfect backdrop for brighter accent colors. Designing a color palette for a website or printed piece, requires background colors that are more understated. Add brighter accent colors for the bits of info you want to stand out and attract peoples attention. Working with this palette gives you lots of options, and I will show you how to use this irresistible color palette!


Wheat Tones:

Delicate wheat colors are a great foundation to start with for any design. This is a softer color that can be the foundation behind any neutral color palette. They will blend with other warmer colors such as a gold or rust, but can also compliment traditional colors such as a navy blue and deep red. Working beautifully with almost any color in the spectrum, don’t be afraid to choose this warm color to start you off when it comes to creating your Spring color palette.


From Poppy to Peach!

Colors in the red family are remarkably versatile! Blending with softer neutrals the fun loving coral, red or orange, can be the highlight of any color palette. Brighter coral reds and oranges are a perfect color for Spring or Summer, and the more muted version of this color like a caramel or rust, are perfect choices for an autumn color palette. The truth is, when it comes to fashion, this family of colors is complimentary to many complexions and is a color we can wear all year long! Interesting in giving this color a trial run, add it to whatever color palette you are creating.



Going Green:

The earthier green can range from an olive or “wasabi” color to a blue-green Kelly green. There is such a range in the green family that there will always be a version of green that will compliment your color palette. In the past I have found brighter bottle greens more popular, but those days are over. A popular color for Spring and early summer, is a more understated olive or even a brighter lemony-green. With so many greens to choose from, try them out to see what works with the design at hand!


Earthy Browns:

When you think of brown, we often think of a darker color. What I find popular this season in a whole new version of brown. What is popular this year is softer browns that are a little lighter, and not quite as saturated. A softer brown will compliment everything from pale blues and cream yellows, to brighter purples and saturated Navy blues. A color that is as versatile as they come, explore colors in the brown family ranging from a lighter taupe to a saturated cordovan. Don’t be afraid to mix brown with other colors. Brown mixed with grays is a quieter taupe, brown mixed with purple can be a softer plum, and browns mixed with orange can give you a deliciously warm caramel color! Try it out, mixing brown with other colors can yield some unexpected results!


So you can see that these colors have brighter warmer versions that make them irresistible! Think of using lighter versions of these colors for your Spring palette. Combine them with unique colors to create a color palette all your own to show off your sense of style! Would you like to see your colors and mix them as you would on a color palette, try using the Color911 app on your iPhone or iPad. The app lets you be the artist and create your own color palette, save different versions to find the perfect colors to work with. It is truly helpful for saving the colors that inspire you!


I hope you are motivated to try new colors this Spring. Try colors that are more popular in this years color trends and for good reason. Make this Spring all about trying something new, it will be well worth it!







About the Author: Amy Wax

Amy Wax, creator of Color 911®, is an artist and experienced color consultant, recognized for her expertise in the world of color and design. Fifteen years ago, Amy created Your Color Source Studios, Inc. a company specializing in the architectural application of color. Amy has received numerous awards for her color expertise.

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