Kitchen Colors in 4 Places You’d Never Expect!

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Choosing where to put your kitchen colors, can be one of the most exciting parts of redecorating your kitchen. But with so many places to add color to, it can be difficult to know where to start.


Looking at model kitchens can help, but you will want to stamp your own personality on your home. It’s a room where the whole family is likely to spend a lot of time, and you certainly want them to have a good time in this space.


Below are some suggestions for colors that will make your kitchen pop, while adhering to interior design best practices for adding color to your home.

#1. Looking up for inspiration


The kitchen is one of the few rooms, that has remarkably little wall space. With cabinetry on most walls, the kitchen color is usually determined by what is built into the room. You’ll be surprised to know that a great place to add color to your kitchen is on the ceiling!


Choosing the color for your ceiling requires keeping several things in mind. First of all, if you choose a lighter color, it can make the room feel bright and airy. If you choose a color that is darker and more saturated, it can bring the ceiling down. That can be a goal for a very high ceiling, but for most residential kitchens, I suggest the lighter color is the way to go.


Look inside your cabinets for color inspiration. Are your dishes a delicate color or pattern, then that might be where your ceiling color inspiration comes from. If your dishes have a soft color like a buttery yellow accent, then a creamy yellow ceiling might be just enough color for you to add to the top of the room. If your dishes have a geometric pattern on them, add a paler version of the main color to the ceiling. This will tie together the dishes on the table to the ceiling in the room.


#2. Looking down for color inspiration


I recently choose colors for a new renovation, where we applied a bright blue to the floor of the kitchen, and it was stunning!


A painted floor is not uncommon in a kitchen. When using reliable products, the paint is washable and wears well. It is also a great place to add color into the room. Being under foot, the color is clearly visible but is not in your eye level, so it gives you the chance to add a color with a little more energy. Painted floors can add a neutral color if you are using cabinetry that is a stronger color like a dark red or navy blue. Another option is that your floor can be a brighter color, which is the perfect backdrop to wood cabinets with a natural stain.


The beauty of the painted floor is that you can completely redecorate your room, buy simply repainting your kitchen floor. Imagine a kitchen with white cabinets and a painted red floor. You can change the design of the room in just hours, by changing it to a navy blue floor, alongside the same white cabinets.


If you don’t fancy white cabinetry, you could go for softer grays as I featured in the photo. A warm putty gray or even a cool blue gray, are a trending kitchen color that will work nicely with your stainless steel appliances. It also provides the perfect neutral backdrop for your colorful accent color on the floor.


#2. Dishing up color!


Nowadays it is possible to find colors in all kinds of table décor. Whether it is a single pattern in bold colors or coordinating dishes with a few patterns, either one brings color to your table. Another way to go is to use brightly colored dishes in solid colors, as in the photo. The benefit is that you can continue to add or replace dishes, and as long as they are a solid color, they will work together just fine!


Many people love colorful dishes because it focuses your attention on where you will be enjoying your meal. Socializing all centers around the table; making it the perfect place to add accent colors to your room.


Colors can always be the dishes themselves, but it can also be the napkins, glasses and decorative elements on the table itself. Add as much color as your comfortable with. The table is the perfect place to play with colorful accents!


#3. Make the colors work for you!


A surprising trend, is the addition of colorful accessories and appliances. Imagine a clean and bright white kitchen, with a pink toaster or teal colored refrigerator!


Color has made it’s way into the appliance industry with enthusiasm! With the ongoing love affair with all white or sometimes all black kitchens, the appliances have become an important part of the color palette of the room. That is partially true because there are times when they are the only color in the room!


Going from simple stainless to brilliantly colorful, the appliances are making themselves heard! Before you invest in anything from the toaster to the stove, look and see what your possibilities are in regards to color. I recently saw a Blue Star Oven on display in a hot green color, and surprisingly the front panel can be switched out to change the color of the stove. What a brilliant idea!


I hope you’re inspired to add color to your kitchen in these 4 unexpected places. It is a way of creating a space that is all your own. If you are looking to create a color palette that is unique to your own style, look towards the Color911 app, to see what colors go well together in the premade color themes. All in all here are a few ideas that can make a big difference in your kitchen, I hope you give at lease one of these a try and more than anything, I hope you’re inspired!



Photo credit from @FarmhouseDiary on Instagram which features the renovation of our 1850s farmhouse!







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