Must-Have Colors for a Summer Barbecue!

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A summer or fall barbecue is the perfect time to make a splash color wise! It’s the great time to entertain, and you have the chance to use colors you may not usually use at a more formal get together, so make the most of it!

A barbecue is likely to be an informal gathering of friends and / or family and a few simple touches can really boost the cheerful atmosphere.

Start with adding color to where you will be entertaining to set the stage for a great time, and don’t forget to take the colors of your food into consideration!


Color and food

The focal point of any barbecue is the food! Don’t overlook the opportunity to make your food a part of the décor.

Skewer meats with red, yellow and green peppers. Make huge bowls of green salad with red cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle your potato salad with fresh chives.

A fruit salad is the ideal way to add a splash of color to your table and just happens to be the perfect summer dessert!

Use fruit of every color; mango, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and kiwis for an easy and colorful summer dessert that also looks amazing on your table. Cream is optional…!

Presentation and setting the scene

I love preparing and decorating my house ready for guests! A little decoration sets the mood for any party, so this is always something worth doing. Decorate your garden with bunting, streamers and perhaps some lanterns and candles ready to give your event a perfect evening glow for later in the evening. Your furniture is a place where you can bring in color that most people don’t think of. Decorations as rule, can make any place fun (and romantic)!

Present your food on large platters, interspersed with colorful bowls. Various colors, shapes, and sizes are all encouraged! This makes for a wonderfully colorful table that will no doubt impress your guests!

Think about how you will serve your food. It’s not the time for your finest china! I’d suggest a section of colorful melamine plates, which are readily available. If you have a lot of guests and don’t want to stretch to buying a stack of these, then you can always a use paper plates. Quality varies and it’s possible to buy pretty, moderately sturdy (they are paper after all!) plates in all kinds of colors and patterns.

On the plus side this also saves on doing the dishes, leaving you more time to enjoy your party!

You can also think about using contrasting napkins and straws to add further interest to your table. Colorful table linens offer endless opportunities!

A backdrop of streamers behind your food tables is a great way of adding additional color and decoration. It can also provide a great photo backdrop for guests, so this can work quite well.

We used to go all out and decorate for children’s parties when we were young. Give your summer barbecue the same enthusiasm and energy, your guests will love it!

Choosing your colors

Sometimes, we can go with the colors that the plates and napkins come in. If you would like something more planned, create your own color palette with the Color 911 app and use it as your guide. Looking for a red, yellow and light blue color palette? Create a color palette on your app and refer to it every time you make a purchase for your party.



Don’t Hold Back!

More than anything, let your colors be your guide. Choose food that is colorful, and have fun creating a color theme to decorate by. You can even wear colors to match.


I hope you have fun with your favorite barbecue colors, and enjoy your entertaining to the max! May your celebration be fun, delicious, and of course colorful. I hope you’re inspired!




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