Now’s the Best Time to Make a Change!

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Change isn’t always easy, but all year long we talk about what we will do in the future. I would love to change the colors of my bedroom; I want to give myself a whole new look. Have you talked about the changes you would like to make in your life? Well now is the time to make it happen!



Use the right colors in the right places, and even small changes can make a big difference in your life. Lets talk about three places where you can make important changes or add color, the can turn your whole life around!

Change Your Personal Space:


Everyone has a space where they are themselves; place where they are surrounded by personal belongings. It can be a corner that you love to read in or a place where you enjoy your morning coffee or nightcap at the end of the day. It could even be your personal space at the office. Think about the space that you spend the most time in, and that’s where you should make your first change!


My first suggestion for making that space better, is to have it function more efficiently for you. Add better lighting for example, or a more comfortable chair. For the biggest impact, make a visual difference. An immediate alteration would be to change the color of the walls. Another idea is to add a brilliant color to the space that says this room is all about you! Rather than a traditional brown chair, treat yourself to a red leather chair! You will smile every time you enter the room, and that investment will be so worth it!


Make An Inspiring Change:


We spend our lives surrounded by things we have gathered over time. Look again, are those things inspiring to you?

Look for ways to add exciting pieces that open up creative inspiration for you. Here are a few suggestions:

Add artwork into your world that you are in love with. It is something we often take for granted, but we hang photos or artwork on our walls and pass by it every day without really seeing it. Change it up: add new pieces. Research artists and see how you can bring new inspiration into your world. This is a challenge that can be so rewarding. One way is to look for new artwork for your walls or perhaps textile artists to add personal pieces in your wardrobe. Do you appreciate graphic design? Have stationary designed for you with your name on it. If you’re self-employed, look at having your company logo improved. There are so many creative fields, it is well worth doing the homework to find inspiration that warms your heart and the good vibes will overflow into improving your life!


Take On A New Style:


The biggest change to make, is to somehow change our appearance. It is easier than you think and it can be so exciting! The simplest way of doing this could be by making a style change. Change your hair color or hairstyle. Another way to change what you wear the most, retire the black coat you always wear and add a royal blue or rich burgundy coat to your wardrobe with a colorful new scarf. Its an easy fashion change, but every time you get dressed to go out, or arrive to meet friends, the new you will be on everyone’s mind. Make a change in your style in some way, and you will have started the New Year with a fresh start.


Every one of these ideas is something we can easily put off. We don’t have to change out personal spaces, add inspiration into our lives, or change up our style. On the other hand any one of these changes, can change up your life in all good ways. It is rewarding to experience your personal space in a new way. Finding an inspiring piece and adding it to your world can be an exciting venture! Lastly, changing up your style is a fresh way of saying I’m a better person that I was last year!


I hope you take the leap and chose at least one of these ideas. Take the leap, make a difference in your life, I hope you’re inspired!




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About the Author: Amy Wax

Amy Wax, creator of Color 911®, is an artist and experienced color consultant, recognized for her expertise in the world of color and design. Fifteen years ago, Amy created Your Color Source Studios, Inc. a company specializing in the architectural application of color. Amy has received numerous awards for her color expertise.

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