Pantone: Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017

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Color forecasts come fast and furious from the fall through the Spring as people are open to new directions and new trends. Looking at colors for many forms of design from fashion to home décor, The Pantone Color Institute releases what it sees as popular colors for every season. This year was a surprising mix of bolder colors and quieter hues.


The brightest and most exciting colors dazzle, while the more mellow of the mix remind us to catch our breath and enjoy the blossoming of the upcoming season – one melting icicle at a time!


Taking a closer look, we notice brilliant blues and foamy greens. While it’s all about tone, we also see a mixture of deep, dark shades paired with near-pastel undertones. These combinations allow us to use those bold colors that we are drawn to but are too scared to step out of the house in.

Lets take a look at what they have selected for the popular colors for the season:


  1. PANTONE #17-4123 | Niagara

Similar to an Aztec Blue, you feel a sense of the seven seas and peace that you never knew. This color can call diplomacy and authority in the workplace. In décor, the easy-going blue can increase comfort and productivity. In clothing, this blue exudes a softer sense of style!


  1. PANTONE #13-0755 | Primrose Yellow

Almost the color of a lemon, this shade of yellow makes you think of sunshine, picnics and baby chickens. Inspiring reminiscence and nostalgia, it will drive your pleasure centers crazy! You have heard of a contagious smile, right? This color brings happiness back with attitude.


  1. PANTONE #19-4045 | Lapis Blue

Pairing well with Primrose Yellow and Flame, this saturated shade of blue is a bold version of a Mediterranean Blue. It’s way cooler than Niagara, which is a warmer blue. A color like this reflects nature. It reflects the most loyal of friendships. More than anything, it reflects confidence!


  1. PANTONE #17-1462 | Flame

A cross between Salmon and Burnt Orange, Flame is a bold, “in-your-face” color that brings excitement to any party. It’s a reminder of family, closeness, and strength. It provides a sense of authority, transformation, and leadership. Paired with Niagara, one can’t go wrong at an upcoming meeting or interview.


  1. PANTONE 14-4620 | Island Paradise

Ahhh. The cool relaxing nature of this color is astounding. It’s transitional – the shade between the melting of the ice and the beautiful sky above us on a summer day. One can almost imagine the butterflies taking to the wind and the birds chirping away. Spring is right around the corner, and Island Paradise is on its way!


  1. PANTONE #13-1404 | Pale Dogwood

Is it brown? Maybe it’s pink? Is it both? This particular shade is amazing. It’s a shade of generation and regeneration. It’s a firm reminder of new beginnings. This fleshy tone pairs beautifully with deep, dark and robust colors without being too dramatic. It’s a quiet color that makes us feel alive.


  1. PANTONE #15-0343 | Greenery

What is it that makes you feel uplifted about the upcoming change in season? Buds. Trees are growing leaves; grass is sprouting again. New life is beginning and greenery is all around us. The smell of honeysuckle enriches your world while you’re tending to your garden.


  1. PANTONE #17-2034 | Pink Yarrow

Pink Yarrow is that aunt that dares to be different. It’s the color that grabs everyone’s attention when they walk in the room! A dramatic color, Pink Yarrow allows us to be eccentric out of season, while classy just the same. This color is not only beautiful on its own, but creates unity when paired with dark or light colors.


  1. PANTONE #18-01707 | Kale

There has never been a color more royal than Kale. A sign of health, wisdom, and power, wear this color for strength this Spring. Decorate your office space for momentum, empowerment, and inspiration. Your future is at arm’s length – will you grab it or let it go out with the season?


  1. PANTONE #14-1315 | Hazelnut

Ladies and Gentlemen, please, ask yourself this question: who doesn’t love hazelnut? This color is not only beautiful, but it’s one of those colors you love all year long! Hazelnut translates to warmth, commitment, and a sense of loyalty. It’s our calm before the storm but it also unites all the colors around it.


Looking for a way to use these great colors? Create any one of the colors above, the add the color to your own color palette to see how it pairs with other hues, with the Color911 App. The app gives you the chance to play with many colors before you take the leap and commit to one look, style, or design. Whether you are looking at the Pantone colors for fashion inspiration or for design in home décor, open your mind to these new trends, try the Color911 app, and let your imagination run wild!




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