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Naturally, some colors are more popular than others, and we are drawn to our favorite colors every time! A color can make us feel good and it can bring us happiness. A color can also remind us of people or places in our past that we remember with a smile. We can’t always trace the beginnings of our love affair with a color or why we’re drawn to it. The fact is people are emotionally drawn to colors, so lets talk about what colors people love more than ever!

The worlds favorite color

You may not have heard of Marrs Green – named after Annie Marrs of UNESCO – but it is now known to be the world’s favorite color, thanks to a competition organized by the Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.

It’s blue. And it’s green. It depends who you talk to, as people don’t agree. It’s not so surprising that the top spot was going to be a battle between green and blue, but it may make you smile to realize that it is both. It is reminiscent of the color of sea. This is a shade loved by many.

Blue, always a popular choice!

Blue is in itself a whole family of colors, from the darkest ink like navy, to the lightest sky and baby blues. One for every occasion and all just perfect! The beauty of blue is that it is a classic color choice. Many people feel you can never go wrong with wearing or decorating with the color blue. Blue is an all time favorite!

As a color, blue is often associated with trust and security. Companies love it because of it’s honest appeal. It is most commonly used in the financial sector and is a popular branding choice for companies associated with the communication and the internet.

The color blue represents favorable qualities like honesty and trust. It is also a color we feel completely comfortable with being that we experience in the environment around us. It is the color of the sea and sky, both of which are places that are calm and refreshing. It’s a great color choice and many feel it is the most popular color of all time.


Green is a sure favorite, here’s why.

It is no coincidence that the world’s favorite colors are associated with calmness and nature. A color that occurs naturally in a million different values and tones, this hue provides as many options as we can think of. Whether they are muted gray-greens or sweet lime greens, they are all part of the same green family.

Naturally, many people are drawn to colors that feel like they are reducing the stress in their lives. Many greens offer a relaxed ambiance that we often crave. If you are choosing the quieter colors in the green family, you have made the right color choice. Green is definitely a color that can deliver that sense of calmness and relaxation.

But green has a livelier side to its personality as well. Generally the brighter greens ranging from yellow greens to the more traditional blue greens, evoke feelings of invigoration, renewal, and nature. Therefore, if you are looking for a calm color or a naturally fresh color, green is the right way to go.


Red, a bold choice!

Red is also a color that scores fairly highly on the favorite chart. Bold and daring, red is very much linked with strength and vitality, but also love, passion, and danger. It always makes a lasting impression.

What is appealing about red is it’s youthful energy alongside its long-lasting charm. As a color that has bridged so many different cultures, it is vibrant and versatile. Red is a color that is easy to decorate with, and is also complimentary for so many people to wear. If there was a color to represent the most popular kid in the classroom, red is it!

If red is your favorite color, you are likely to be, fun, extroverted, and confident.


Why do we like a color?

There are general trends in color preferences across cultures. This suggests that some color preferences are ingrained on some level. It is thought that the colors that we are most comfortable with may be an evolutionary response to encourage us towards things that are good for us and away from harm.


Colors in our past.

Remarkably we are also drawn to colors that are a part of our inner fabric. Think of your favorite color. Are there family members who were draw to the same color or color family? Did we live in a home that was predominantly a single color? These are things to think about as we decide what colors we want to surround ourselves with, what colors make us happy.


If you are looking to see how you can use your favorite color, what colors go well with it, check out the Color911 app. One of the many purposes of the app is the help users play with colors and create color palettes to inspire you to bring color into your life. Find the colors that inspire you and see how to use your color choice in the way that is the most rewarding. I hope you’re inspired!





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