Shedding Light on the Best Sunroom Colors!

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A sunroom allows a lot of light and potentially, warmth into your home.

Here are some tips for making the most of all that light, while still giving your space it’s own personality.


Don’t Fight the Light

The sun will do a lot of the work of making your room bright, but don’t make it work too hard. Lighter shades are popular with sunrooms because they open areas, making them appear larger and brighter.


Lighten Up

In general, avoid dark colors in your sunroom. Since dark colors draw in heat, they can make a sunroom unbearable on a summer day. Dark furnishings such as that charcoal gray leather sofa – are likely to hold onto the heat and you’ll feel it when you go to sit down! YOu might also find some fabrics will fade of these are in the blazing sun all day long. Choosing lighter colors will avoid both of these problems.

Pull the Colors In

One of the best qualities about a sunroom is experiencing the outdoors! If you love the luscious greens of the plant life outside or the crisp clear blue sky, then bring your favorite colors into your sunroom when you go to decorate the room!


Lighten Your Ceiling

Try to keep your ceiling a light color, however, as the color of your ceiling will make a big difference as to how big the room will feel. Lightening the color can make it seem higher and the room larger and airier, which works particularly well in a sunroom. For this reason, use light natural woods, or light colors for the ceiling.


Flawless Floors

Natural wood floors are another great way to add color and texture into a sunroom. Dark floors can add sophistication and warmth without making the room look small. Tile or stone will help trap heat during the winter months, making it favorable over carpet.



Make the Most of What You Have

Finally, with less wall space for color, choose your colors carefully and make the most of your floors, ceilings, and furnishings. They might provide an unexpected place for not only color but texture and patterns as well!


Use your furnishings to create base colors, or to add splashes of accent colors. You can also add color to your sunroom through paintings and window coverings, plants and flowers. Many sunrooms end up looking bare. Don’t be afraid to make your mark.


Think Outside the Sunroom

You can see with all of these suggestions, that there are many ways to create a color palette for this unique space. When it comes down to creating a color palette for your design, your windows will provide views that might help inspire you as to what the interior colors you should use. Use the Color911 app to snap outdoor colors and create a color palette to match, compliment, or contrast with these hues.


Harmonize with Your Home

Although a sunroom is often an addition to a home, I like to add at least one element to help it tie in with the rest of the environment. Consider the theme and colors of the rest of your home and see if you can bring that into your sunroom in some way. I suggest taking colors from adjacent rooms in your home and use variations of the same palette in your sunroom, creating harmony without detracting from the room’s individual style. If your sunroom is out of the way and not seen through another room, then this is not necessary and your sunroom can have a color palette all its own.


With the good weather on its way, use these tips to enjoy your sunroom in style. I hope you are planning the color of your sunroom to be able to use the room for more than just the summer months. Plan accordingly and you can enjoy the comfort of being outside, all year long!



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