The Thrill of Sharing Color911 at High Point Market!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of traveling to North Carolina to attend a remarkable event.


High Point Market, which takes place in High Point North Carolina, is the largest trade show for the furniture industry in the world. For the designer it is an opportunity to see what the newest trends are in the world of furniture. I enjoyed seeing what styles, fabrics and colors are trending from the designers who are the best of the best. It also gave me the chance to see what colors are at the forefront of design.



This year within the High Point Market, was a new event called Design Tech Summit. This was a set of lectures set up to present new technology that could help designers with their business and open many of them up to the world of technology. I was asked to present the Color911 app at the Design Tech Summit within High Point Market. It was an incredible honor and I was thrilled to share the Color911 with so many brilliant and creative people!


I gave a demonstration and showed what the Color911 app can do. I was ready with images that show how easy the app is to use and all of the features that would be so helpful to anyone in the design field. I showed people how the app can photograph images and pull colors from that image. This is a great tool especially if you want to match the colors of an item like a rug for instance, and you do not want to bring the rug with you.


I also shared that the app contains 70 color themes for color inspiration, each with it’s unique sense of style. I can say with confidence that everyone was thrilled at seeing what the Color911 app can do. I think people assume they don’t need a product until they see first hand what a tremendous help it could be. After I was done with my presentation, people lined up to thank me. They lined up to tell me how impressed they were and what a huge difference it will make in their lives.


I worked for many years developing this app, largely because I had been a designer and I knew first hand what I needed in this product. I am confident that the features that I so desperately needed, they needed as well, they just didn’t realize it. It was a thrill having so many designers approach me and share with me their excitement and enthusiasm.


The Design Tec Summit and High Point Market was the first time I was able to share the Color911 app in a big way. Seeing everyone appreciate it and come away so excited, was a real thrill for me, I hope you have the opportunity to give it a try and that it inspires you as well, Enjoy!


About the Author: Amy Wax

Amy Wax, creator of Color 911®, is an artist and experienced color consultant, recognized for her expertise in the world of color and design. Fifteen years ago, Amy created Your Color Source Studios, Inc. a company specializing in the architectural application of color. Amy has received numerous awards for her color expertise.

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