Why Men Wear Pastel Colors To Make a Bold Statement!

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Pastel shades have long been popular among females. After being big in the 80s, pastels have been much less popular among men. As with all trends, softer colors have come full circle. The last few years have seen these colors become increasingly popular.

Pastel fashion trends

Pastel colors are set to dominate in the summer and into the fall of 2017 according to fashion experts. They are here to stay … for a while at least. As is the norm, come 2018 we may drift into bolder hues, but for now, let pastel shades have their moment.

Men are increasingly trying new colors

Men are increasingly taking an interest in fashion. This means that they are more prone to experimenting with fabrics, colors, and styles. They are also spending increasing amounts on their wardrobes.

The days in which fashion was considered a women-only domain are long and truly over. As men become more experimental and push the boundaries, there is more choice than ever for men looking to add to their wardrobes. Pastels make the perfect addition.

Why wear pastels?

Nothing quite says carefree, like pastels! Lighter brighter clothing signifies a shift away from the conservative colors into colors that will quietly grab your attention! Perk up your mood and your wardrobe by adding a pastel color to your outfit.

Pastels are universally flattering for many skin tones and there are so many shades to choose from that there is something for everyone!

Making pastels part of an outfit

A little goes a long way. You don’t have to dive in and use the whole color spectrum head-to-toe in one outfit. Perhaps try adding a pastel accessory, a tie or shirt to liven up plain chinos.

Often when people talk about pastels, pinks and purples come to mind. Remember that there are many other pastel hues, including blues and grays or even creamy yellows, that might suit you better.

If you are having trouble putting an outfit together and matching your clothing, try the Color911 app, which will help you mix and match your colors perfectly!

Pastels don’t have to be preppy!

It’s a common misconception that pastels always fall into the ‘preppy’ category. They can be incorporated into any style; for work, leisure, or occasions. One of the best parts of working with this end of the spectrum, is that these colors are not wed to a style or age group. You can mix it up with darker accents or even brighter accents. The softer color becomes the motivating color in your color palette.

Have fun with soft colors!

Finally, I hope that this has given you some food for thought regarding your warm weather wardrobe. I always think that a man in pastels carries a certain lightness and air of sophistication!

Will you be adding softer colors to your wardrobe this season? Choosing softer colors takes confidence, and it can make a bold fashion statement.

I love a softer color alongside darker more confident colors in the wardrobe such as navy blues, chocolately brown, or even charcoal gray. It’s the contrast in these color choices that makes it stand out, making a bold color statement without even trying!

I suggest you experiment with the colors you are wearing, and see if using softer colors is the way to go to make the statement you want to make. Have the confidence to try something new, I hope you’re inspired!



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