Winter Colors We Love All Year Long!

Color911 winter colors

Winter like so many seasons has its own palette of colors for many areas of the country. The beauty of the winter color palette is that it can truly last all year! Lets look at the qualities of the wintry colors and why these hues remain so popular!

Easy Going

The softer blue grays are easy to be around. If you are using these colors for fashion, they are calming and easy on the eyes. A softer color palette, they can be as cool as a winter day or refreshing as a summer breeze. Cooler blues are a very popular choice and can be paired beautifully with softer hues from all areas of the spectrum.


In addition to being easy on the eyes, the cool colors of winter can be paired with contrasting richer colors easily. A great family of colors to use in the design world, the wintery blues are stunning in a contrasting color scheme like black and white or with navy blues and earthy greens and plum colors. The winter color palette compliments a classic color scheme beautifully!



Neutral colors are traditionally beiges, grays and off white. The winter color palette shares the same neutral qualities whether they are light or dark. Pair this color palette with charcoal grays, and chocolaty browns and these neutral colors become rich and sophisticated. The colors in the winter landscape can be neutral on its own, without feeling dull in any way.



This softer palette alongside understated colors can be a soothing color palette for any area of design. Imagine feathery light grays paired with bright whites and delicate wheat tones. The whispery soft feel of this color palette is soothing and elegant. With a more formal appeal, the softer palette is as quiet as a winter day.



Softer blues are an integral part of the shadows in any winter landscape. The pale blue can also be a delicate morning sky in early spring or the light blue in a coastal summer palette. It fits into color schemes any time of the year and can be the neutral color on your design, or set the stage for something more dramatic. Easy going for all times of year, the silvery blue gray, creams and off whites are easy colors to wear or decorate with any time of year.


As you can see in the photo, this is a palette that is appealing on so many levels. I hope you enjoy the colors of winter as much as I do, and enjoy bringing these colors into your life all year long.





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